Halo 5WDG Select

Halo 5WDG Select

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Halo 5WDG Select™ is a selective herbicide for post-emergence control of sedges such as purple and yellow nutsedge, Kyllinga species and certain broadleaf weeds. Halo 5WDG Select can be applied to commercial and residential turfgrass and on other non-crop sites including: airports, campgrounds, cemeteries, established woody ornamentals in landscape areas, fairgrounds, fallow areas, fuel storage areas, golf courses, landscaped areas, lumberyards, public recreation areas, race tracks, residential property, rights-of-ways, roadsides, school grounds, sports fields, tank farms and tennis courts.

Halo 5WDG Select should be applied as a post-emergent to turf and landscape ornamental areas where weeds are an issue and actively growing. This product is generally regarded as gentle to labeled turfgrasses, both cool and warm season types and they should be well established before application occurs. Halo 5WDG is not for use on edible plants or gardens.

  • Post-emergent control of yellow and purple nutsedge
  • Suppresses annual and green kyllinga
  • Controls tough broadleaf weeds such as horsetail and ragweed
  • Low use rates – 1 (13.5 gr) or 2 (27 g) pouches in 1 to 2 gallons of water to treat 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Can be tank mixed with non-ionic surfactants for improved penetration

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