About Us

Hey there! It’s Pete, with GCI Turf! I hope you're having a great day today. Matter a fact, I hope God blesses your socks off today!

I started Grass Catcher, Inc. in 2004 with nothing by my old Toyota pick up truck and my dad's borrowed trailer. Since then we have grown to employ multiple people. We also made a company name change to GCI Turf Services, Inc. I am self taught based on trial and error. You name it, and I have probably tried it at least four times. Over the years I have taken what I have learned and applied it to my company. This knowledge has allowed us to grow at a very healthy pace.

I took my lawn care knowledge and applied it to the internet via YouTube. That blossomed into the full blown e-commerce business that you see now. We call this online business GCI Turf Academy. The focus of GCI Turf Academy is to teach the DIY homeowner how to have a nice lawn using professional grade products.

Our vision for GCI Turf Academy has three parts to it.
  1. Help the DIY crowd to have incredible grass using professional grade products.
  2. Take GCI turf to a “national level” and make GCI Turf a household name among lawn enthusiasts.
  3. To be able to offer my family more that I had growing up.

I hope you learn something from my videos about lawn care. I believe in a straightforward way of teaching that cuts through all the nonsense. I want to personally thank you for supporting GCI Turf, myself, and my family.

We appreciate you, and we love you.
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