GCI Turf Spray Buddy  Dual 15G

GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G

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GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G

Expect a minimum of a 10 day lead time for your sprayer to ship from the time you place your order. We are out of stock on the 110V pumps used for this sprayer. We are expected to receive new pumps 6/1/24. Please understand that if you purchase this sprayer we will ship a complete system MINUS the 110V pump. Once we have the pumps in hand we will then ship you the pump. We are fully stocked on the 20V pump battery option but the 10 day lead time still applies.


***Now available with a 110V pump that will plug into any standard wall outlet***

***Be aware in some cases the spray hose you receive will be blue in color instead of green. See product pictures to view the blue color spray hose***

***Exact shipping is calculated at checkout***

The GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G is two independent tanks mounted side by side using one mounting plate. The two tanks feed one hose reel. Both tanks have agitation. 

Available in both 110V and 20V battery powered options. 

20V Battery version REQUIRES a spare battery. If you only have one battery you risk the battery going dead before emptying the entire 30 gallons. 

The GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G is a condensed version of a commercial-grade skid sprayer. Although it can be used by anyone, this commercial-grade sprayer was created specifically for the DIY homeowner market. The GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G is the opportunity for a homeowner to own a real deal commercial sprayer at a much lower price point than commercial sprayers that lawn care professionals use. 

The GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G will allow homeowners to spray at higher volumes than a backpack sprayer. The GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G is designed to hang on any wall that has studs 16 inches on center.

The GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G is designed to work at an operating pressure of 20-30 PSI. 

There are 2 options available. 

  1. 200' of 1/2" spray hose
  2. 250' of 3/8' spray hose

The way you decide which option is best for you is based on your lawn size. Determine a location where you will mount your GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G. From that mounting location measure to the furthest spot in your lawn. If its less than 200' then you can choose between either of the 2 options. If the furthest point is more than 200' then you should choose the 250' of 3/8" spray hose option. 

What's the difference between the 3/8" hose and the 1/2" hose? The 3/8" hose is geared more towards 1/G/1000 calibration. The 1/2" hose is geared more towards 2/G/1000 calibration. But, with that said, calibration can easily be altered by your walking speed. You can easily calibrate the GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G at 2/G/1000 using the 3/8" hose.


  • Two 15-gallon tank with sump
  • Hannay hose reel
  • Aluminum mounting frame   
  • Chemlawn spray gun with nozzle 
  • Aggressive built-in eductor style dual agitation
  • Commercial-grade lightweight spray hose
  • 110V C ommercial grade 5.3 GPM 100 PSI pump
  • 20V Commercial grade 5.3 GPM 100 PSI pump (optional)
  • 20V rechargeable battery (optional?
  • Number setting regulator
  • Stainless steel quick disconnect on the hose and spray gun
  • Two Anti vortex flange
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Full assembly video upon purchase
  • Unmatched customer service

The GCI Turf Spray Buddy Dual 15G will give you years of reliable spraying. It will also make your spraying considerably easier. The majority of the components are made in the USA and are made with pride. 

 A 50-gallon Spray Buddy option with a larger hose reel is in the works and will be available soon. 

GCI Turf Spray Buddy 1Dual 5G Dimensions