GCI Turf Spray Boom
GCI Turf Spray Boom
GCI Turf Spray Boom

GCI Turf Spray Boom

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GCI Turf Spray Boom 

We build these spray booms in-house by hand using the highest quality components. We use TeeJet fan tip nozzles that have stainless steel inserts for long life. Aluminum tubing to keep the spray boom lightweight. The highest quality poly connectors so you get years of use. Check valve filters provide spray tip protection and virtually drip-free use. All threads are coated with a Loctite-type material that eliminates leaking. Please understand that the potential to have to re-thread, tape, or re-Loctite the threads is possible. I intentionally designed these spray booms this way so that they can easily be serviced. 

The GCI Turf Spray Boom is built in North Carolina, USA.

Most folks who have sprayed any turf before have used a fan-tip spray nozzle. A single fan tip nozzle can spray anywhere from 6 inches wide to 36 inches wide depending on the nozzle and the height it's off the ground. The GCI Turf Spray Boom has 2 or 5 fan tip nozzles made into one tube (boom). This allows you to cover a wider area using more fan-tip nozzles. This spray boom can be used to spray any liquid lawn care product. Ideal for covering large areas fast. 

There are two options to choose from:

2 Banger Spray Boom:

  • 2 SS insert fan tip nozzles
  • Physical width - 24" wide 
  • 36" spray wand handle
  • Connects to 1/4" Female QD
  • To be used with minimal overlap between the tips

    5 Banger Spray Boom:

    • 5 SS insert fan tip nozzles
    • Physical width - 51" wide 
    • 36" spray wand handle
    • GCI Turf Premium Spray Gun comes standard
    • To be used with standard overlap between the tips

    NOTE: The GCI Turf Spray Boom 2 Banger is designed to work with any spray gun that has a 1/4' female quick disconnect like the Flowzone or Strom line of sprayers. Be aware that the tooling of the Flowzone and Strom QD fittings are NOT identical to the fittings used on the GCI Turf Spray Booms. They work, but you may experience a slight amount of twisting from the spray boom. If you want a perfect fit I suggest you get the GCI Turf Premium Spray Gun When using the GCI Turf Premium Spray Gun you will have minimal twisting. 

    The 5 banger comes standard with the GCI Turf Premium Spray Gun. The spray gun stays attached to the spray boom at all times. The inlet side of the spray gun connects to the Flowzone Sprayer Quick Disconnect kit. You must have the Flowzone Sprayer Quick Disconnect Kit in order for the 5 Banger spray boom to function. The inlet side of this trigger comes standard with a 1/4' male plug. 

    ***MINOR ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - You will receive a PDF download in your email confirmation. There is a link to a private video showing you how to assemble your new GCI Turf Spray Boom. 

    Both of the GCI Spray Booms are compatible with the GCI Turf Spray Buddy.