GCI Turf Spot Buddy 3 Gallon Sprayer

GCI Turf Spot Buddy 3 Gallon Sprayer

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GCI Turf Spot Buddy 3 Gallon Sprayer


The GCI Turf Spot Buddy was created for the pro to save you time and money.  Imagine having a 3 gallon battery powered backpack sprayer attached to your equipment at your disposal anytime. This is exactly what the Spot Buddy is. 

If you treat or spray turf grass and mow the same turf typically you would spot spray weeds with a backpack sprayer or in some cases you would have to wait until the next property visit in order to spot spray the weeds because you did not have a sprayer with you. The Spot Buddy makes this a thing of the past because you can have your sprayer with you at all times mounted to your machine. 

The GCI Turf Spot Buddy was created for the DIY homeowner that has a large lawn and you use a mower with a ROPS. You can now ride and spot spray instead of having to grab a backpack sprayer and walk. 

The GCI Turf Spot Buddy 3 gallon model can be mounted to any machine with a standard 2"x2" ROPS. Please watch this video for mounting options and instructions. 

Follow label instructions for spot spraying rates based on the product you intend to use with the Spot Buddy. 

The GCI Turf Cart Buddy is designed to work at an operating pressure of 10-30 PSI. 


  • 3-gallon full drain tank 
  • Aluminum frame
  • Aggressive built-in eductor style agitation
  • 20V Commercial grade 1.2 GPM 60 PSI pump with QD filter
  • 20V Battery with remote control
  • Numbered dial indicator pressure regulator
  • Spray gun with 15" wand extension with spray wand holder
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Mounting hardware with spacers
  • Installation video upon purchase
  • Unmatched customer service

I do recommend you use Defoamer Select with any Spot Buddy sprayer. The built in agitation system is aggressive and will cause foaming. 

COMING SOON: There will be an option available in the future to connect this spray system to the battery on your machine. 

The GCI Turf Spot Buddy will give you years of reliable spraying. It will also make your spot spraying considerably easier. The majority of the components are made in the USA and are made with pride.