GCI Turf Nozzle Buddy

GCI Turf Nozzle Buddy

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Please do not confuse this nozzle set with the nozzles we include with a Flowzone or Strom sprayer purchase. The Nozzle Buddy is different. 

We source out the different parts to create the completed units that work with both the Strom and Flowzone sprayers. Every one of these is assembled by hand and inspected for perfection.

For the Strom and Flowzone Cyclone, this package comes with 2 different quick-connect "pro" spray nozzles. For the Flowzone Typhoon, this package comes with 3 different nozzles. The Strom and Cyclone sprayers simply do not have enough pressure to support the Flood Nozzle. These are my favorite nozzles to use with my Flowzone or Strom battery sprayer. 


  • 3 "pro" style nozzles (Flowzone Typhoon) or 2 "pro" style nozzles (Flowzone Cyclone / Strom)
  • Quick connect fittings to connect to Flowzone or Strom sprayers
  • PDF download that contains an instructional video
  • Email customer support help@gciturfacademy.com

Flood Nozzle (Typhoon and Monsoon only): Capable of up to a 12-foot wide spray pattern! This nozzle sprays a heavy droplet and would be best used for spraying liquid fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicide, liquid biostimulants, or any other liquid you plan to water in right away. 

Shower Nozzle: This nozzle produces a shower-like effect. This nozzle sprays a shower head-like pattern and can be used to spray any liquid used in lawn care. This is the same style nozzle we use on our commercial spray trucks. 

Fan Tip Nozzle110° flat spray pattern. This nozzle sprays a fan pattern with medium droplets and can be used to spray any liquid used in lawn care. Provides uniform coverage in broadcast spraying applications. This nozzle has a stainless steel insert so it lasts a long time. 

I have many different ways of applying liquids to my turf. In the past, I have only offered a couple of different options for spraying so far. The Nozzle Buddy was added so that you can also enjoy spraying turf in all the different ways that I do. 

You will receive a PDF download that contains an instructional video in your order confirmation email that will teach you how to calibrate your GCI Turf Nozzle Buddy.

As with any product, you will get full support via email when purchasing this product. if you have any questions please email us at help@gciturfacademy.com