GCI Turf Injection for Flowzone/Strom Sprayers
GCI Turf Injection for Flowzone/Strom Sprayers

GCI Turf Injection for Flowzone/Strom Sprayers

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We recommend you supply and add a backflow preventer on your water spigot while using the GCI Turf Injection system. Use at your own risk. 

A vacuum breaker/backflow preventer prevents contaminated water from entering your home through a water spigot. CLICK HERE to purchase a vacuum breaker/backflow prevention.

The garden hose you use with this injection system should not be used for anything else. 

Three years ago I started telling you about the "Spray Buddy". This is the original Spray Buddy. GCI Turf Injection is now what I was calling "Spray Buddy" before. I changed the product's name because the new name (GCI Turf Injection) fits better. 

The injection fitting itself is an injection molded high-quality poly fitting unique to anything on the market. It is a one-of-a-kind fitting that is not available anywhere else.

GCI Turf Injection allows you to inject select liquid lawn care products into the water flow of any standard garden hose by way of your Flowzone, Strom, or Yard Mastery backpack sprayer. On the business end of your garden hose, you can connect a sprinkler so that your lawn care products are watered in while you are applying them. To manually apply the products please select the Chemlawn Spay Gun option. 

You will need to purchase a 6' short leader hose from your local big box store. The leader hose will connect the injection fitting to your water spigot. Then connect any standard garden hose to the other side of the injection fitting and the other end of the garden hose to your water sprinkler or Chemlawn spray gun. 


GCI Turf Injection is offered in four different ways.

  1. Flowzone / Strom Sprayers Stainless Steel Fittings
  2. Flowzone / Strom Sprayers Brass Fittings
  3. Flowzone / Strom Sprayers Stainless Steel Fittings + Chemlawn Spray Gun
  4. Fowzone / Strom Sprayers Brass Fittings + Chemlawn Spray Gun

This version of the GCI Turf Injection has a pre-installed 1/4" male QD plug. This version will work with any battery backpack sprayer that utilizes a 1/4" female QD including the Yard Mastery Sprayer. 

To purchase the Flowzone QD system please CLICK HERE.

***It is NOT recommended you use the GCI Turf Injection system with ANY lawn care "chemical". Examples:

  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides
  • Growth Regulators
  • Pre Emergents
  • Post Emergents
  • Any Other Lawn Care "Chemical" That Ultra Precise Calibration Is Required

With your purchase, you will receive a PDF download in the email confirmation you get. In the download, you will get detailed instructions on how to set up your GCI Turf Injection system.