GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed
GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed
GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed
GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed
GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed

GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed

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GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed

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***When you make this purchase you will get a confirmation email. In that email is a link to a four-page guide that goes into detail about planting your GCI Turf Blue Heat Grass Seed

***If you plan to buy this grass seed AND the Cool Season Guide…purchase the SEED FIRST. Inside the PDF “grass seed guide” that comes with the grass seed purchase you get a coupon code to save 50% off the GCI Turf Cool Season Lawn Care Guide. The grass seed guide is a PDF download that is sent to your email once you buy the seed. 

  • Kentucky Bluegrass prefers full sun
  • Kentucky Bluegrass seed requires watering to germinate
  • Kentucky Bluegrass can be cut at lower heights
  • Kentucky Bluegrass does best in cooler northern or mountainous climates…but can handle some heat as well!
  • Self-repairing type turf grass

What’s in the bag?

GCI Turf Blue Heat Kentucky Bluegrass is now BLUG TAG CERTIFIED! To make this happen we removed the Midnight variety and replaced it with "After Midnight". Please read the details below. 

GCI Turf Blue Heat is a 3-way blend of high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass seed. These three varieties are very similar to each other and will blend well together.
We became known for having “weed-free” grass seeds and the new ones are no different. All the new grass seed mixes/blends are 0% weed seed and 0% other crop.
How long does grass seed stay good? About 2 years if kept dry

A good starter fertilizer goes a long way when it comes to seeding. Read this STARTER FERTILIZER GUIDE.

We look for three basic things when choosing the varieties that go in our grass seed mixes/blends. It must be readily available to us, it must have an excellent history in the NTEP trials (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program), and it must be affordable.

AFTER MIDNIGHT: After Midnight is carrying on the Midnight tradition of excellent quality with improvements that make it even more versatile than the original. From Jacklin’s bluegrass breeding program, After Midnight is a slow-growing, compact Midnight-type Kentucky bluegrass with excellent uniformity and wear tolerance. Characteristics include improved shade tolerance, darker color, excellent density, and dollar spot tolerance.

NuGLADE: An elite, high-performance, dark green bluegrass. Tested for quality and turf performance in US/Canadian university trials for over 10 years. Trusted by turf managers the world over for premium performance, and superior consistency.

EVEREST: With wide-spectrum disease resistance, lower fertility requirements, and broad environmental adaptation, Everest helps you create a thick, healthy turf stand with fewer inputs. In North American university trials, Everest ranked near #1 against pink snow mold, Typhula, leaf spot, spring melting out, anthracnose, leaf rust, stem rust, dollar spot, stripe smut, anthracnose, and summer patch. Everest is slow-growing and produces less top growth compared to typical bluegrasses so it needs less mowing. Everest also excels under sun or shade and scored among the top 10 varieties in shade performance in a University of Kentucky trial.

When should you plant Blue Heat Kentucky Bluegrass (KBG) grass?

Fall is a great time to seed Blue Heat KBG. You do not want to seed Blue Heat KBG too late in the fall though. Plant Blue Heat KBG seed when soil temperatures are right around 60° F. Your air temperature should be around 75° to 85°at this time. To check your soil temperatures be sure and use a very high-quality SOIL THERMOMETER to ensure accuracy. Your Blue Heat KBG seed will need plenty of time to germinate because it takes anywhere from 14-30 days to germinate. Do not make the mistake and wait too late to plant Blue Heat KBG seed. August 1st – September 15th is a great time frame depending on where you live in the country and what your soil and air temperatures are. Patience is required while waiting for KBG to sprout. I only recommend springtime seeding when necessary.

How much seed to use?

Overseeding into an existing KBG lawn: One – two (1-2) pounds per 1000 square feet.
Seeding bare ground: Three to four (3-4) pounds per 1000 square feet.


The trick to seed germination is to KEEP THE SEED MOIST! Water multiple times a day, light and frequently every day to ensure the ground and seed stay moist. Blue Heat KBG seed can take anywhere from 4 to 21 days to germinate depending on environmental conditions. Be patient…it will come up with time. Once you have germination you can slowly revert to watering 1” per week…deep and infrequent. During hot, dry weather established Blue Heat KBG may need as much as 1.5” – 2” of water per week.

**We cannot take returns of seed because we cannot resell seed that has left our possession as we do not know how it was cared for while out of our hands. (moisture, sunlight, humidity).