Flowzone Sprayer Nozzle
Flowzone Sprayer Nozzle

Flowzone Sprayer Nozzle

Regular price $34.95


We have changed the design on this nozzle pack. It now comes with 2 separate QD nozzles. This is the same turf spraying nozzle we supply with a Flowzone sprayer purchase. The QD male plug is stainless steel. We do install a check valve mesh filter inside each nozzle.

This new dual nozzle kit is made from much higher quality parts that the previous version hence the small increase in price. 


  • One QD 10-foot wide spray nozzle (depending on the pressure setting used) 
  • One QD TeeJet fan tip stainless steel insert

We assemble this nozzle ourselves in-house before shipping it to you. 

You will receive a PDF download that contains an instructional video in your order confirmation email that will teach you how to calibrate your nozzle.