Hey there! I hope you are having a great day today! I want to introduce you to a new piece of equipment. The Flowzone battery-powered backpack sprayer. I know...why the heck do you need to offer a different sprayer? It’s simple. Please let me explain.

The main reason is to broaden our selection. By offering only one sprayer (Strom), the options are not that great because you only have one option. The Flowzone lineup has a few different ones to choose from. This will provide more options to the end-user.

Another reason is that I like for my online business to reflect who I am as a person and the things I do in my local company. What I mean by that is I have always been a sprayer junkie. I am infatuated with sprayers and I like for people to see and feel my passion through the equipment I offer.

The last reason is the Strom and Flowzone are incredibly similar. I didn’t want to offer a second sprayer option that was totally and completely different than the Strom.

Y’all know I’m a spray nut! I love everything there is about spraying turf. It’s one of those extreme passions for me. As I’m walking the yard watching that liquid coat the leaf blade I am mesmerized by it! I know, it’s crazy to think about spraying turf like this….different strokes for different folks I guess.

I became a dealer for the Flowzone brand sprayer. It's a great sprayer no doubt. It is very similar to the Strom sprayer that we currently offer. There are a few minor differences between the two but nothing to jump up and down about. I listed them out below for you to check out.

With this addition, we also changed up the nozzle assembly. It has changed a little over the last few years but the main reason I changed the design again is cost. I wanted to be able to offer it at a cheaper price while staying real close to the quality of the current version. The new style nozzle assembly still has 2 nozzles included. One trim tip nozzle and one wide spray nozzle will give you about an 8-foot wide spray coverage. Both nozzles are quick-connect so you can swap them out very fast. The same nozzle set works for both the Strom and Flowzone sprayer.

As with any sprayer, if you decide to get the combo that includes the nozzle assembly set you to get a PDF download that includes a training video with the purchase along with a PDF download that will teach you how to use it.


The short and sweet answer is that they are equal in my opinion. The Strom and the Flowzone sprayer are the same sprayers. Both come from the same factory but are branded differently. The internal parts are pretty much the same. The outward parts are pretty much the same as well except for a few cosmetic differences.

Flowzone does have a better variety (2 options in 4 gallons). Strom only has one option for a 4-gallon sprayer. Flowzone has offerings of the Cyclone v2.5 and the Typhoon v2.5. There’s only one difference between the Strom and Flowzone as far as function goes...that is the pressure settings.

Strom has two dedicated pressures...one low-pressure setting and one high-pressure setting. Flowzone has a pressure switch that has five different positions that will allow more variations as far as spraying is concerned. Listed below are the different pressure settings. (the exact pressures of the Flowzone five different settings are not given)

  • Strom - 38 PSI - 58 PSI (2 pressure settings)
  • Flowzone Storm v2.5 - 7 PSI - 60 PSI (5 pressure settings)
  • Flowzone Cyclone v2.5 - 7 PSI - 60 PSI (5 pressure settings)
  • Flowzone Typhoon v2.5 - 7 PSI - 115 PSI (5 pressure settings)
  • Flowzone Monsoon v2.5 - 7 PSI - 115 PSI (5 pressure settings)

In a nutshell, PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) is a measurement used on how much force is used. How does this relate to a battery-powered backpack sprayer? The ONLY advantage of a higher PSI is in the case you want to spray the top of a tree (further distance). The higher PSI will allow you to do this. If you do not spray the tops of trees then it’s no advantage to you. Higher PSI would also allow you to use a nozzle with a larger hole opening, but again you will empty your tank much faster, therefore, covering less area with the four gallons.

I have used the Strom (4 gallons) for a couple of years now and am well pleased. You can not go wrong with this sprayer. It will do everything a homeowner would ever need to do with a sprayer and it is built to last. On the product page, this sprayer has the option of a sprayer nozzle assembly which consists of one quick-connect trim nozzle and one quick connect 8’ wide nozzle. You will also receive an instructional video and PDF download with this sprayer.

The Flowzone Cyclone v2.5 (4 gallons) will be nearly identical to the Strom except for the five pressure settings vs. the two pressure settings.

The Flowzone Typhoon v2.5 (4 gallons) only differs by way of the 115 PSI that is offered. Again, this is no real advantage in spraying a lawn. It simply gives you more pressure and a broader range of pressures to choose from. More pressure doesn’t mean “best” sprayer.
Flowzone also offers a smaller backpack sprayer by way of the Flowzone Storm v2.5 (2.5 gallons). This sprayer is basically identical to the Cyclone v2.5 but only a smaller 2.5-gallon tank. 
The Flowzone Monsoon v2.5 (9 gallons) is NOT a backpack sprayer. It is a 9-gallon sprayer that can be moved around via wheels. 


One reason and one reason alone...the option for 5 different pressure settings is appealing to me simply because I find it to offer more spraying options. As far as using it with typical spray nozzles I see zero advantage over the Strom. 

Hopefully, this write up makes your decision easier. Both the Strom and Flowzone are exceptional choices for any DIY homeowner. It all boils down to whether you “need” two pressure settings or five pressure settings. There is also a slight price difference between the Strom and Flowzone Cyclone v2.5. The Flowzone Typhoon v2.5 cost more due to the higher pressure option.

If you have already purchased a Strom sprayer and now you feel like you didn’t get the “latest and greatest”, don’t feel that way because like I said earlier the two brands are equal in my opinion.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. I appreciate you!

GCI Turf