QA101 Strom Electric Sprayer + Sprayer Nozzle Assembly Combo

QA101 Strom Electric Sprayer + Sprayer Nozzle Assembly Combo

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***Your sprayer and nozzle will ship separately and may not arrive on the same day***

This is a combo package I put together to save you a few dollars. You get the Strom 4 Gallon Sprayer and the Strom Sprayer Nozzle Assembly in one purchase. 

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1 – Strom Battery Sprayer 4 gallon

  • Heavier duty straps
  • Pro Series neon green color
  • Heavy duty sprayer handle
  • 4 Gallon Tank
  • Rechargeable 18 Volt Battery
  • 58 PSI Operating Pressure
  • High and Low Flow Switch
  • Heavier Duty Braided hose
  • Includes Battery and Charger
  • Replacement Parts Available
  • 30 Tanks Per Charge

2 – Strom Sprayer Nozzle Assembly

This is the same turf spraying nozzle we supply with a Flowzone sprayer purchase. This nozzle doubles as a fan tip trim nozzle and a 10-foot wide spray nozzle depending on the pressure setting used. We assemble this nozzle ourselves in-house before shipping it to you. A training video comes with this purchase.