Loving People Through Lawn Care
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Changing the Landscape One Neighbor at a Time.

I’ve always tried my best to love my “neighbors”, but I have also had a desire to do more. God has provided me the opportunity to travel the country and provide free “lawn care” services to people. My focus is all people, but to show my support to those who serve, I want to seek out disabled veterans, disabled law enforcement, veterans, active duty military, active duty law enforcement, nurses, EMS, doctors, fire fighters, or any other public servant. But, with that said you do not have to be a public servant to be nominated.

Ventrac is a proud supporter of Mission GCI. The scope of work falls under anything the Ventrac can do. If you know of anyone that is in need of any work the Ventrac can do please feel free to nominate this person. The following are examples of the work we can provide:

Bushhogging | Mowing an overgrown lawn | Lawn renovation

Gravel driveway restoration | Kids ballfield infield renovation | Aeration and over seeding

Stump grinding | Leaf clean up | Garden tilling

Nominate a Public Servant

Use the form below to nominate the public servant you feel would benefit from Mission GCI.
Please include a brief introduction of the nominee and images of the scope of work that is needed.