2021 Cool Season Guide Update

2021 Cool Season Guide Update

It’s here! Man have we worked hard on this. I have put many hours updating this guide, not to mention, Michael and Gio have also worked very hard with me getting these ready to roll! I think you will enjoy it. The overall theme of the different programs has the same end goal….healthy soil, healthy turf. Some will just get you there faster than others due to the number of applications.

I added a couple of new links to outside guides that go into mixing and calibration. You will also notice a lot of the chemical links take you straight to the GCI website for a direct sale. We now have several of the chemicals in SMALLER packaging just for you folks with smaller lawns! There are a few that will still take you over to the Lawn and Pest website for your purchase.

You will find links in the guide that the product is currently out of stock. We are working extremely hard to get these products in stock for you. If there is something you want that shows out of stock know that it is coming as fast as we can make it happen. Most everything should be in stock in the next couple of weeks so just hang tight.

The biggest change is the introduction of a new granular fertilizer. I am super excited about this due to its high quality. At first, this might be hard to keep in stock but be patient, we will have fresh loads coming in constantly. CLICK HERE to learn about this new granular fertilizer.

There are now 4 (four) different versions of the GCI Turf Cool Season Lawn Care Guide for you to choose from:

  1. Beginner Edition: This is a bare-bones entry-level guide that will help you get your feet wet in the world of lawn care. Anyone can use this program but it is geared towards someone new to lawn care. In this edition, there are “optional” Humic12 applications. I encourage you to do these. It will help you to get more comfortable spraying your lawn before you advance to a more intense lawn care program.
  2. Estate Edition: This edition is for those of you that have a large yard. This edition is stripped down to save on cost. Although this program will give you a pretty good yard it WILL NOT give you the same quality lawn the other guides provide. It is watered down so it's not so expensive to execute while still providing a nice lawn.
  3. Liquid Edition: Not much change in this guide from last year. This program utilizes mostly the GCF lineup. I did remove a few humic applications in trade for a few Cal-Tide applications. I also added the Five 0 Five fertilizer as the main source for spoon-feeding.
  4. Elite Edition: This is the cream of the crop program. This is the program I will be running in my yard. It is a mix of both granular and liquid applications. For those of you who want to go “all-out”, this is the program for you. Just make sure your mower blades are sharp!

What program is best for you?

Any of these programs will work anywhere in the country. It depends on two things as to which one is best for you.

  1. Cost: This should be the overwhelming decision factor. I absolutely want you to have a great yard, but, I also want to encourage you to DO NOT go beyond your means. At the end of the day, it’s just grass. With that said, every application inside these guides has purpose and meaning. Just don’t break the bank trying to grow grass.
  2. Liquid vs Granular: I get it. Some folks are scared to death to spray liquids on their lawn. I still to this day, even after spraying thousands of gallons of liquid on lawns, get a little spooked from time to time especially when I spray something brand new. If this is you then stay clear of the Liquid and Elite version. The beginner version is mostly granular fertilizer and has minimal spraying involved. Ease your way into the liquids and you will slowly build your confidence so that one day you will be a spray master!

I hope God blesses your socks off today!

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