BIG Changes Coming!

BIG Changes Coming!

Hello there! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I have several things I want to go over in this email to get everyone up to speed on what’s happening and about to happen at GCI Turf. Grab yourself a bag of popcorn and a Sundrop…take a seat…and enjoy the read.

1 - Jug Buddy: This is the best hose end sprayer on the market and one of the most expensive, but you get what you pay for. I have 11 of them left at the current pricing. I have priced all the parts we use to create them and this will raise the price of the product by $45. I had originally bought all the parts before things started costing so much more. With this said, I am not 100% sure I will make any more of these until my pricing for parts come back down. I am unsure when this will happen so if you want a Jug Buddy I suggest you get one right now. As I said, I only have 11 in stock. Once these are gone it may be a while before I get more. If you see this email late and the Jug Buddy is out of stock that means all 11 have been sold. 

2 - GCF SALE 15% OFFThe discount is automatically applied at checkout. All my one-gallon single and 2.5-gallon single GCF stock is now 15% off. This is the lowest sale price for GCF that I have ever run. No, I am not “leaving” GCF. I am still going to have and offer their products year-round, all the time. The reason for the big sale is to clear out my inventory. I need floor space. More about that below. If you like stocking up for the year, NOW is the time! If you have recently bought GCF products from me, I am sorry we can not make this sale retroactive, please forgive me. 

GCF Fertilizer here

GCF Bio’s here

3 - Cal-Tide and The Five 0 Five 15% OFFThe discount is automatically applied at checkout. These two products are also on sale at 15% off due to storage issues and these formulas are going to change slightly to go along with my new line of GCI Turf liquids soon to come. If you have recently bought Cal-Tide or The Five 0 Five from me, I am sorry we can not make this sale retroactive, please forgive me. 

3 - GCI Turf Edge Buddy: This is a spray wheel that you can use to edge out your property. It can also be used when spraying along fences or beside your house. By design, it will keep the liquids off of places like your driveway, sidewalk, fence, or house. I have designed it to work with Flowzone or Strom sprayers but read the product description because I have an option so that it works with any battery-powered backpack sprayer. The Edge Buddy sprays a 2-foot wide spray pattern.

4 - Start Your Own Business: It’s mainly for folks who deal with bermudagrass. Some may not take this really seriously but I can give a personal testament that my company makes very good money doing this during the winter. Watch the video here -

5  New Mower - We are now carrying the Massport Rotarola Mower. It is quite unique because the striping roller is built into the mower. I plan to use mine a lot on my bluegrass. The cut quality is crazy good! You can see that here - 

6 - New Products: We have teamed up with a new vendor to be able to offer you several different options as far as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides go. Throughout the year I will be going over all of these new products in detail. You can check them out here -

Weed Control



7 - Grass Seed: I will not bring any more grass seed in stock until February 1. The reason for this is I have been told seed prices are going to come back down some. I want to wait on restocking so that I can get the best price. When I have all the seeds in stock I will email you. Keep in mind that this is “forecasted” to be a price drop. Sometimes I have been told there would be a drop and then in reality nothing changed. But, my source is pretty strong so I think this will happen. 

8 - Protein Fertilizer: This stuff is absolutely awesome! I love the Protene! We have had so many requests for smaller bag sizes that I made that happen. The 20-0-5, 12-0-4, 15-22-10, and 19-0-19 are now available in 20-pound bag sizes. I even have a package available where you can buy all four at one time and save some money. You can see those here -

9 - GCI Turf Pro: This is a very big deal to me. I am creating a program that will teach every detail you need to know about the business side of lawn care. This program is based on how I run my business and have been running my business for years and years. I have been very fortunate to own a very profitable business and I am ready to share that with other pros and with people who might want to start a lawn care company. Not only will it be about running the business, I am also going into equipment sales to some extent. I am hand-selecting different equipment manufacturers that I have had experience with. I will be able to offer this to you as part of GCI Turf Pro. When this is ready to roll you will get an email and you will hear me talking about it quite often in videos.

10 - OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): I decided to take the handcuffs off. I have felt limited by what I can do because of a few different things but since I have not gotten these things in order I am ready to go for it. It took me a while to figure out the way I wanted to take this online business, but after lots of prayer and thought, I have figured it out. I’m going to follow my passion…spray equipment. Spray equipment has always excited me, even down to a simple spray nozzle. All winter long I have been getting set up with different manufacturers as an OEM. This means I can buy parts directly from manufacturers. When I say this excites me, I mean it EXCITES me! These are the same emotions I had when I started my lawn care company 20 years ago. I can feel the adrenaline pumping! I am so pumped about this!

11 - Location Change: We are not moving…but some of our products are. We utilize a fulfillment company in SC that handles and ships all of my 45-pound grass seed. In order to free up more space this same company will be handling and shipping all of my 25-pound seed and all my GCF products. This company already does this for my GCF “packages”, 4 x 1 packs, and the 2.5 x 2 packs. My local staff has been shipping the 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon singles. Once we sell out of the 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon singles that we have on hand, we will restock those in SC. This really doesn’t affect you in any way because the product lands at your doorstep regardless of who ships it. Once we run out of our current 1-gallon single and 2.5-gallon singles GCF stock, the sale ends for that particular product. 

12 - Closing: We have been looking for land for several years now to possibly move and expand our operation. We simply can not find anything we like at a price that we can afford. We have even tried to buy a few acres beside our current location by offering the land owner an absurd amount of money, but no luck. This means I have to improvise and work with what I have. This is the main reason for the GCF sale. I need to reorganize my warehouse to be able to get set up for my OEM adventure. I need space, plain and simple. I have assembly stations I need to get set up and floor space is needed to be able to do this. I am sinking a ton of money into all this and I am praying the reward is much greater than the risk. I am so thankful for this opportunity.

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read this. I am grateful for your support and your trust. There are a lot of options out there and glad you have decided to be a part of GCI Turf. 


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