Whole Gardener Boutique Organic Plant Nutrient Kit
Whole Gardener Boutique Organic Plant Nutrient Kit

Whole Gardener Boutique Organic Plant Nutrient Kit

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  • For gardening on a smaller scale.
  • Designed to accommodate the urban gardener or anyone with limited space for growing plants.
  • The Boutique Series Kit makes a wonderful gift for that special gardener in your life.
  • 4 WHOLE GARDENER plant nutrient products bundle + WHOLE GARDENER Recipe Book + WHOLE GARDENER applicator jar + measuring spoon set + Whole Gardener pH test kit.
  • Included nutrients: Simply Nitrogen 12 oz (.34 kg), Simply Phosphorous 12 oz (.34 kg), Simply Potassium 16 oz (.45 kg) and Simply Micros 18 oz (.51 kg). Everything included to CRAFT-A-FERTILIZER for a custom nutrient blend. Creates the perfect soil conditions for your plants.
  • All plants require specific amounts of nutrients to reach their full potential. Customizing nutrients is the only way to provide specific and controlled amounts of nutrients.
  • Using the Whole Gardener recipes, organic and naturally sourced N-P-K and micronutrient products are mixed together to craft the perfect fertilizer blend for every different plant in your flower and vegetable containers.
  • WHOLE GARDENER believes in power back to the gardener and our plant nutrient kit makes it a reality
  • 100% Organic and natural nutrients
  • Nutrients are handcrafted in small batches, made in the USA, from beginning to end to deliver a proven and premium fertilizer

WHOLE GARDENER Organic Plant Nutrient Kit provides a natural way to create perfect soil conditions for your plants. Using one of almost 200 different WHOLE GARDENER Nutrient Recipes from the WHOLE GARDENER Nutrient Recipe Book, and the 4 WHOLE GARDENER Nutrient Ingredients, the WHOLE GARDENER method allows a gardener to create a custom fertilizer blend that will fit the nutrient needs of any plant they want to grow! If you can follow a recipe in the kitchen, you can build a custom fertilizer. It’s as simple as SCOOP, SHAKE, SPREAD, GROW ANYTHING! Use in potted plants or outdoors in a vegetable garden and flower bed. A soil test is recommended before using any soil amendment.