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Strom Sprayer Nozzle Assembly – 100% totally new design!

  • 8 ft. wide spray tip nozzle
  • Trim tip nozzle
  • BOTH are now full quick connect (one of the upgrades I made)
  • Downloadable PDF training guide
  • Video training
  • The video training and PDF guide are both in the email confirmation you get when you make this purchase

This nozzle assembly also comes in a COMBO PACK HERE

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  1. flyfishsteve

    Worked great & allowed a fast application of products.
    Worth every penny !

  2. biker2real

    This product works great and is super efficient when spraying pretty much anything. Highly recommend this if you plan on spraying a lot and using a battery powered sprayer. Simple to set up. All you need to do is follow Pete’s instructional video on calibrating and you will be off and running. Cuts down the time it takes and enables you to make your product last longer, obviously saving you money. Get in there and get you some. Do It!

  3. Justin

    This thing is a game changer! It has finally opened the door to me applying liquid applications on my yard. Makes spraying easy especially using Pete’s advice. It will not disappoint!

  4. paulho14

    This works really well. The product, like most GCI products, is supported by video instruction. I think the GCI sprayer rig with special nozzle is a game changer for the DIY guy and small commercial lawn care company. You learn to calibrate your sprayer and nozzle and apply with the same consistency as the big-rig-tank guys.

  5. Tatersalad

    I bought this nozzle to make spraying my yard fast and easy. Very impressed with the quality of the nozzle. 7-8FT Spray width! Hell yes!

  6. Matt E

    Used this nozzle assembly for the first time today spraying pre-emergent, wow it speeds up spraying your yard. It puts out so much product you really have to be careful you are not over applying. After some practice I should be able to get my entire yard done in 10 minutes. Great product!

  7. okie6n2

    I had purchased a 4 gallon backpack sprayer last year trying to save time and spray products,it helped some but not much until Pete introduced this nozzle which has been a game changer for me since I have very limited time due to my job.The height I hold my spray tip I get a 5.5 foot wide pattern which makes spraying my 12000 sq ft go very fast now,would highly recommend.

  8. Cooper

    I am very satisfied with my nozzle assembly. I’m now able to spray 8’ wide. I was very impressed by the high quality parts that are on the assembly and feel it will last many years.

  9. Andre

    Item works great!! Recommend this item!

  10. tgekler

    This sprayer assembly is great. It really allows you to throw down products quickly and effectively. Pete has really opened up the door for everyone to apply liquid applications to their lawn and not dread it because it took forever. Awesome setup with the battery powered tank. This has really helped me.

  11. gary

    I always search out solutions that others have spent time researching and proving in the field. While this piece of equipment is expensive, it takes the guesswork out of spraying. I was a little uncertain about the quality from looking online, but it is an extremely high-quality nozzle assembly.

  12. southpaw137367

    The sprayer nozzle is configured with high quality components, much better than what I was expecting to see! Use this assembly along with the battery powered sprayer and you’ll be applying product at blazing speed! Go ahead and click “Add to Cart”.

  13. owensbrian81

    I pieced together my own sprayer nozzle assembly but wish that I would have gone with The Academy’s Sprayer Nozzle Assembly. If you factor in the time spent on research, money wasted on incorrect parts and shipping, this is a really good deal.

  14. Nicholas Jasmine (verified owner)

    So far I’ve sprayed fungcides, insecticides, and fertilizers with this nozzle. I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I have a eight foot pattern when spraying with the nozzle and a two and a half foot pattern with the trim nozzle. This product cuts your spraying time down tremendously. I love it.

  15. nflwatcher00 (verified owner)


    Rock solid design and the nozzle assembly works like a champ !!!! You have a real winner here Pete 👍👍

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