SPRING Lawn Fertilizer

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HyR BRIX® Lawn Fertilizer is designed to replenish lawns with essential nutrients, micro-nutrients, trace elements, and minerals. Our unique blend of ingredients slowly releases into the soil, giving the grass a dark, lush-green look that lasts. One application feeds all summer long!

22-7-7 Ca2 S8

How to Apply

Evenly apply one 50 lb. bag to a 10,000 square foot. ft. Approximate spreader settings are based on the following application rates; however, spreaders vary. Please utilize the “standard settings” in your spreader manual to determine the correct setting. Can be applied at any time. MUST USE AS DIRECTED. 



This is the highest quality fertilizer I have ever used. Its so good that I structured my “boots on the ground” lawn care company’s granular applications after this blend. It is PACKED with nutrients that you WIL NOT get from the “big box” store fertilizers! Get your mower blades sharpened because your turf will be THICKER than it ever has been!

2 reviews for SPRING Lawn Fertilizer

  1. Mattearnhardt

    This stuff is a game changer. From my past using a regimen of Scott’s Spring Fert w/crab grass preventer, and a double rate Milo to this year on the academy fert with bio-stimulant package for the Spring…there is no comparison to the results. The grass is jumping out of the ground and is twice as thick as I have ever seen it. The Academy fertilizer gives a massive list of both macro and micro nutrients, not just a hit of Nitrogen. I don’t know the science behind it or what they all do, but man do they ever do a good job. It is like my yard has only ever had potatoes and I just gave it a big plate of meat and potatoes for the first time. I have used Milorganite for years and it is an apple to oranges comparison. I now look at Milorganite as a Nitrogen supplement, not a comprehensive fertilizer. Milo does a fantastic job of greening up your yard and stimulating growth but in my experience it isn’t capable of doing more than that. I used to put down double the max rate of Milo in the fall and spring every year and I have not seen the thickness and deep green affect on my lawn as I have with this academy fertilizer. You need to buy this stuff!

  2. billhultsjr

    I put this stuff down in FEBRUARY! This has been the earliest I have ever started feeding the lawn (I live in NJ, so it’s still pretty cold in Feb). We had an extended cold spell, so I was bummed that I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for. But THEN, it started warming up nicely in mid April, and the lawn popped! Just in time for me to put down the Milo, and wow, it can’t be controlled right now! Growing “like a weed.” I’ll be putting down my summer fert in a week or two…can’t wait to see what happens then!

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