Sprayers Plus Battery Powered Sprayer

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We recommend the YT25E for lawns 8,000 square feet or smaller and the 105Ex for lawns 8,000 square feet or larger. We also recommend you purchase our Sprayer Nozzle Assembly to be able to spray your lawn quickly and efficiently. (THIS LINK MUST BE USED TO PURCHASE IN ORDER TO GET THE FREE SHIPPING OFFER)
Use one of these options in conjunction with my SPRYER NOZZLE ASSEMBLY and spray your lawn faster AND more accurately than you ever have before!



7 reviews for Sprayers Plus Battery Powered Sprayer

  1. Mattearnhardt

    I went with the smaller of the two backpacks for 12,000 sq ft of turf and decided on this size to make it easier to mix/apply small batches throughout the year. I had to refill only once spraying pre-emergent and it was really nice to not have to pump while applying product! Very high quality sprayer, should last for years.

  2. cdandrews

    This battery powered sprayer is a game changer. No more heavy backpack and constant pumping. The BL25E coupled with the nozzle assembly cut my application time by 95%!

  3. Cooper

    I purchased the 105e. It is a high quality professional grade backpack sprayer which is more comfortable and lighter than my previous sprayers with no pumping. I highly recommend.

  4. gary

    High-quality sprayer, which is relativity lightweight. Battery holds a charge for a while, and spare batteries are not that expensive. I had an issue with the battery charger, and the company replaced it for free; no questions asked.

  5. scholz22

    Very high quality sprayer – made spraying my yard quick work. Pete’s video made me feel extremely comfortable doing this for the first time. I did make the mistake of leaving the sprayer in my shed when the temps dropped. There must have been water in the hose, causing the plastic end to crack at the handle. I ordered a new hose from Sprayers plus – $18 mistake. Make sure when the season is over you get all the water out and unscrew the sprayer from the hose. I would highly recommend.

  6. southpaw137367

    I highly recommend the BL25E. I was skeptical spending over $100 just for a sprayer, but it has been a great investment. Follow Pete’s advice and use in conjunction with the sprayer nozzle assembly. You won’t be disappointed!

  7. billhultsjr

    This sprayer works great, but I will say that it’s temperamental. Well, maybe not temperamental, but a bit high maintenance. I’m not sure if I got a dud, or if I’m just slow on the uptake…but I have found that you have to learn some of the peculiarities of this unit. It seems a bit slow to prime, but once you have fully primed it, you’re off and running. Also, you need to pay special attention to how much adjuvant you’re using versus how much water. The adjuvant can gum up the internal filter (which is not hard to clear, at all) which will result in little, to no, flow. This is a good machine, and gets the job done; you just have to learn it. Like most things in life, it just takes some trial and error to figure out what’s going to work best.

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