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***At this time there is NO instructional video with this purchase, however you will receive a detailed PDF download that teaches you step by step how to calibrate your new Sprayers Plus Sprayer. 

This is my very own design. I have put this nozzle assembly together using only the highest quality spray parts available to me. This nozzle assembly will allow you to spray approximately 8 feet wide making fast work of any lawn application! If you do not have a battery powered sprayer make sure to pick up the Sprayers Plus 4 gallon or 2 gallon sprayer we recommend. I have done the testing and calibration for you so its makes the options EASY! When you purchase this Sprayer Nozzle Assembly you will receive a PDF download document teaching you how to calibrate it. 



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  1. Mattearnhardt (verified owner)

    Used this nozzle assembly for the first time today spraying pre-emergent, wow it speeds up spraying your yard. It puts out so much product you really have to be careful you are not over applying. After some practice I should be able to get my entire yard done in 10 minutes. Great product!

  2. cdandrews (verified owner)

    This nozzle assembly really is everything it is advertised to be. I have never gotten coverage like this out of any home sprayer before. Coupled with the battery powered sprayer I feel like I am able to get the same quality of coverage as a professional sprayer. I highly recommend it!

  3. jamont4 (verified owner)

    I always used granular products because I wasn’t confident using liquids but with this nozzle, sprayers plus sprayer, and correct calibration (which is easy to do) I now have confidence to apply liquids. Product works great and after watching video and a little practice you will be spaying like a pro. Highly recommend.

  4. Mattearnhardt (verified owner)

    A must buy if you are going to spray your own yard. Turns your sprayer into a product spreading monster. A 2hr spray job is now done in 10 mins with this nozzle.

  5. mandy.mclean (verified owner)

    Everything and more than promised. The 7-8 feet spray width is awesome! I have short legs, so I have to walk pretty fast. Does a fine job! Way to go Pete!!!

  6. biker2real (verified owner)

    This product works great and is super efficient when spraying pretty much anything. Highly recommend this if you plan on spraying a lot and using a battery powered sprayer. Simple to set up. All you need to do is follow Pete’s instructional video on calibrating and you will be off and running. Cuts down the time it takes and enables you to make your product last longer, obviously saving you money. Get in there and get you some. Do It!

  7. msanders1484 (verified owner)

    This combined with the battery powered sprayers is a game changer! Excellent tool for the job and makes broadcast spraying much easier and faster. Worth Every penny.

  8. nflwatcher00 (verified owner)


    This nozzle assembly rocks!!! 👍👍 Nice design Pete

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