N-Ext D-Thatch™ – Two 2.5-Gallon Jugs (5 gallons Total)




N-Ext D-Thatch™ Thatch Digester

N-Ext D-Thatch™ is designed to reduce thatch build up in lawns that do not have the ability to be mechanically adjusted due to cultivar or time of season. N-Ext D-Thatch™ focuses on composting thatch faster by encouraging microbial activity at the soil surface and increasing heat. This exothermic release by increased soil activity will breakdown thatch from the soil level up. Thatch is quickly reduced and the organic matter is captured as a food source for your turf. Apply as needed during warmer months (aids in microbial reproduction) 6-9 ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. as often as every 3 weeks depending on thatch layer thickness. Initial application may yield a green-up flush as nutrients that were held in the thatch are released.


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