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  1. MIKE BURKE (verified owner)

    These bio-stimulants are the real deal! My yard was new construction in 2013, with very little-to-no topsoil left on top of the native NC clay. I had been struggling to get my TTTF (fescue) through the hot, dry summers, and I also had issues with brown patch fungus. I hired a company to treat my lawn, I top-dressed with compost, but my lawn was still struggling through the summers. Since I started Pete’s program, and regularly using RGS, Humic12, and Air-8, my lawn is greener, healthier, more drought tolerant, and more disease resistant. It’s been less than a year, so I know it’s early, but I am absolutely certain that these products take your turf to the next level, when used as prescribed in the cool season program.

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