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3 reviews for N-Ext™ Build-a-Box 4 Gallon Kit

  1. MIKE BURKE (verified owner)

    These bio-stimulants are the real deal! My yard was new construction in 2013, with very little-to-no topsoil left on top of the native NC clay. I had been struggling to get my TTTF (fescue) through the hot, dry summers, and I also had issues with brown patch fungus. I hired a company to treat my lawn, I top-dressed with compost, but my lawn was still struggling through the summers. Since I started Pete’s program, and regularly using RGS, Humic12, and Air-8, my lawn is greener, healthier, more drought tolerant, and more disease resistant. It’s been less than a year, so I know it’s early, but I am absolutely certain that these products take your turf to the next level, when used as prescribed in the cool season program.

  2. Steven Ferguson

    I purchased the RGS, Humic 12, Air 8, and MicroGreene through GCI this past spring. I have been applying them and can honestly tell a difference. Especially the past couple weeks putting down RGS with my over seeding. It really got the seed popping out the ground quickly! If you want to improve your yard and are serious about it, you want these proven products to get your dirt right.

  3. michael taus (verified owner)

    I’m trying to mix rgs and humic in a hose end sprayer. Chapin wondering how many gallons of water per once of both. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Tammy D

      RGS is 6oz/1000 and Humic12 is 9oz/1000

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