N-EXT 16-21-2 GreenePOP™ 5 Gallons


NEW: 16-21-2 product available to DIY on Friday, August 30, 2019 –

16-21-2 GreenePOPTM Starter Fertilizer FIVE GALLONS

16-21-2 GreenePOPTM Starter Fertilizer is intended to be used as a starter fertilizer for newly seeded or sodded turf. GreenePOPTM Starter Fertilizer can also be used as a phosphorus amending product. GreenePOPTM contains 2.31 lbs of phosphorus per gallon. Soil test for phosphorus deficiency prior to use.

For specific application instructions related to seeding and over-seeding, spray equipment, applying with N-ExtTM specialty products, watering-in, etc. please visit greenecountyfert.com/diy/.


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