GCI Turf Perennial Ryegrass


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GCI Turf Perennial Ryegrass

This ryegrass is super dark green!


I have limited supply on this…once it is out of stock I will not have any more until next year 2021…

This is the exact same blend I used last year at the office. Super DARK green. Now…pay attention to this! Ryegrass is NOT for everyone. I will list out the ways that I recommend ryegrass be used.

  1. If you currently have a ryegrass lawn you can use this
  2. If you have a blend of different cool season grasses and one of them is ryegrass you can use this
  3. If you have Bermudagrass and you over seed it with ryegrass for the winter you can use this

These are the only ways I personally recommend you use ryegrass. 

New folks might look at this and say “oh! It’s so green! I gotta have it!” But, there’s way more to ryegrass than just being a pretty, dark green turf. The first sign of spring heat and it’s going to go down hill quick.

If you are new to over seeding bermudagrass then you might want to wait a year before you attempt this. If you seeded with GCI Turf Heat Wave Bermudagrass this year (2020) then DO NOT buy this ryegrass seed. It is not recommended to over seed new bermuda the first year. With this said I am going to over seed my bermuda at the office this year. Keep in mind I own a lawn care company and I can easily fix things if they go south.

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