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Carbon-X™ is a unique entry into the granular market. Carbon-X™ is a sustainably produced, low impact, high performance turf and ornamental fertilizer derived from the renewable energy sector. Carbon-X™ has been developed using a patented technology to homogenize highly reactive porous carbon with N, P, K, Ca, S, Fe, Mg, Mn, humic acids, and kelp.

The Carbon-X™ granular product supplies what soils need to become a healthy, sustainable, functional micro-environment to produce highly functioning turfgrass.

The benefits of Carbon-X™ in your turf program are:

  • Increased macro-nutrient efficiency
  • Increased root-mass development
  • Improved soil carbon levels
  • Improved bio-availability of soil-locked nutrients
  • Provides balanced micro-nutrient complexes

Carbon-X™ is redefining soil fertility by offering a carbon-based fertility product homogenized with multiple macron-utrient and micro-nutrient inputs and infused with the Greene County Fertilizer N-Ext RGS™.

N-Ext RGS™ is designed to increase rooting and decrease stress pressure caused by heat and drought. The biologically active material contains Humic Acid and Sea Kelp to aid in initial spring green up, to buffer and extend nitrogen release rates, and to add oxygen to the soil profile for greater nutrient uptake.

Application rates of CARBON-X™ vary; 90-215lbs/acre

Guaranteed Analysis:
24-0-4 2FE

Derived from: urea, ammonium sulfate, poultry manure, hardwood biochar, potassium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, leonardite, humic acid, and kelp

Packaging: Product shipped in 18x24” poly bag.


1 review for Carbon X Fertilizer

  1. timraffety (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with this product. A BIG color response and snap growth on the first week. When I applied Carbon X the highs were in the mid 90s and I applied 3lbs per 1000 rate. My turf is common Bermudagrass. I will be pushing a lot of growth so my next application will be at the beginning of August which is the hottest month in Texas, but I am watering very deep once a week. I am glad I got 2 bags right from the start. This seems to have all the good stuff I wanted in a fertilizer. RGS, biochar and Ca. I wanted a product with Ca for this is so beneficial. Calcium is essential for healthy, vigorous plant growth and the proper development of strong cell walls, roots and leaves. It improves the lawns’ tolerance to the stresses of heat, drought and disease. Calcium controls the plants uptake and utilization of water and nitrogen and improves soil texture

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