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What’s included in the Bio-Stimulant Pack: 

  • N-Ext RGS 1 gallon
  • N-Ext Humic12 1 gallon
  • N-Ext Micro Greene 0-0-2 1 gallon
  • N-Ext Air8 0-0-5 1 gallon

Shipping: Included (Continental US only)

This is the “starter pack” designed to get you moving in the right track towards a more healthy, optimized soil structure using carbon-based methodology.

This is the pack I will be using on my own lawn this season.

Free stickers with every order. Descriptions and instructions will get updated soon, just had to launch this quick for those who were already waiting to buy!

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I hand picked these 4 products myself. I personally chose these to give you the most benefit for your lawn and put it in one package. I have been using humic based products for a very long time and can vouch for them first hand! Just look at my yard….how do you think I got it that way??? LOTS OF HUMIC / KELP / FULVIC






  1. rbskinz

    Used AIR8 on yard out of my ATV boom. Very nice product to work with.

  2. Mattearnhardt (verified owner)

    A new concept for me with my yard, but I am seeing some very impressive results. It sprays well out of the recommended sprayer/nozzle combination from the academy and is a great way to supplement your fertilization program. for my 12,000 sq ft yard, one package is enough for an entire year’s worth of application…although with the results I’m seeing the neighbors are asking me to spray their yards too!

  3. grasshopper5768 (verified owner)

    I was amazed. I could see the grass where the delivery walked was greener. As i was taking the package to my garage, grass was standing up and turning greener as i walked. Upon applying the products to my lawn i could here my fescue applauding and cheering. Jk. But on a serious note the turf did show a noticable difference.

  4. Schram (verified owner)

    Living in Michigan I haven’t had a chance to use this product. The shipping and delivering was very outstanding.

  5. gary (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with these products. If you have a small yard, they will last you a while. The YouTube videos do not do these products any justice. Highly recommend this pack.

  6. southpaw137367 (verified owner)

    I think this package is the best bang for your buck, especially for people with small-medium size lawns. I already see good results a few weeks after the first application. This package is a great supplement to your standard fertilization program!

  7. Matthew Barclay (verified owner)

    After watching Pete’s videos for some time, I knew it was something that needed to be purchased to bring my lawn game over the top. This did not disappoint. After one application, my yard exploded with color, thickness, and growth like you would not believe. It takes me twice as long to mow my lawn, from all of the people asking me what I do to get my yard looking so thick and green. If you are considering buying this, just do it. Follow Pete’s directions, apply, sit back and wait a week or two. You will see results that cannot be beat!

  8. jrussell9109 (verified owner)

    Applied all 4 products a week and one day ago. Watered in and have noticed a significant change within about 4 days, if course put milo down at the same time. Great products! Looking forward to getting some greeneffect

  9. John Flower (verified owner)

    I bought the bio-stim pack at the end of July. Been using it religiously every 3 to 4 weeks. Also I’ve been giving the yard a little extra shots of MicroGreene, RGS, and Humic12. Absolutely love these products. Looking forward to getting restocked next summer. Thanks to this pack I can push an 8″ screwdriver in the ground and it’s the greenest yard on the block. It’s so good I bought a reel mower, taking the grass below 2″.

  10. Rich

    I have hard clay soil will your Biostimulant help my soil

    • Pete Denny

      Yes sir! It will.

  11. Danny Williams

    This stuff is outstanding ! My son got me hooked on Pete … I can’t say enough good things ! Yard has not been this thick in 20 years . Will be ordering more soon

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