503 Handi Sprayer – WEED & BUG E-LIMINATOR

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The 503 Weed & Bug E-liminator by Sprayers-Plus™ is an ideal tool for the small patch gardener or the full time professional landscaper. Spot spraying is a standard horticultural task and the 503 Weed & Bug E-liminator makes the task of applying herbicide, insecticide or pesticide fast and easy.

In addition, the 503 Handi-Sprayer can even be used to apply viscous solutions and chlorine-based solutions of up to 5% household chlorine-based product.


Commercial guys….Keep one of these on your Permagreen or Z-Spray for spotting up weeds! DIY’s…Keep one of these in your garage to control broadleaf weeds that pop up from time to time.

2 reviews for 503 Handi Sprayer – WEED & BUG E-LIMINATOR

  1. gary

    Easily the best quality hand sprayer I have ever owned. It’s a little pricey, but the thrift/big box store sprayers won’t last. This one will definitely last you a while. Pay for quality once.

  2. Vic Kraft

    While this sprayer may have potential, it has a weak neck that will break easily. It’s just plain fragile. With a little more engineering this could be a nice sprayer. That’s why it got any stars. My first arrived broke and was quickly replaced no charge. My second was used once and suffered a 3 foot fall(while empty) and was rendered useless.

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